Mogul skiing winter olympics. Moguls Men - Olympic Freestyle Skiing

Mogul skiing winter olympics. The History of Mogul Skiing

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What makes a winning mogul skier like Matt Graham?

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At the Sochi Winter Olympics, the 4 x 10 kilometer relay was supposed to be a battle of cross-country ski titans Norway and Sweden. But when the first skiers emerged from the woods onto the arena packed with spectators, Norway's first skier was nowhere to be seen. He dropped to ninth place, while the rest of the team rallied to finish fourth. These hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon compounds—which take the form of waxes, fluids, and powders—must accomplish two contradictory tasks for skiers to win gold: grip the snow on the uphill while also gliding on the downhill. The compounds adhere to the base of the ski, which is made of ultra high density polyurethane, but dissipate over time.