Free smoking sex. Smoking and Attitudes on Smoke-Free Air Laws Among Club-Going Young Adults

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Gender Differences in Smoking Behavior and Dependence Motives Among Daily and Nondaily Smokers

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While the overall prevalence of smoking has declined, nondaily smoking is on the rise. Unfortunately little is known about gender differences in nondaily smokers NDS. This secondary-data analysis utilized data from a cross-sectional online survey. Participants reported on smoking behavior eg, cigarettes per day, history of quit attempts and nicotine dependence motives as assessed by the Brief Wisconsin Inventory of Dependence Motives via the primary and secondary subscales ie, core features of tobacco dependence such as craving and accessory motives such as weight control, respectively. Further, among the NDS group, men scored significantly higher than women on both the primary and secondary dependence motives subscales 3. Specifically, gender differences in smoking behavior and smoking dependence motives may be larger among NDS compared to DS.