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Cherri gilham nude. Cherri Gilham

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Cherri Gilham on Confessions of a Sex Maniac | From the Observer | The Guardian

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Cherri Gilham born 31 December also known as Cheryl Gilham , Cherry Gilham , and Cheryl G DeMille , is a former comedy actress, who was one of the first Page 3 girls and is now a writer, musician and video producer. In , she was part of a band formed by music mogul Peter Collins called Madison. The song reached 54 in the charts. She has appeared in numerous TV and radio programs and in the media in subjects covering Page 3, [2] Mistresses, Child abuse, Fluffy Club. In , Gilham turned to photography and photo-journalism. She photographed the Marquess of Bath for his first inclusion in Hello Magazine and wrote the interview. Gilham's professional writing career took flight in The Guardian newspaper in when she unceremoniously dumped her then boyfriend, The Marquess of Bath , in a column in that newspaper.