Usa gymnastics 2016 olympics. USA Gymnastics | Olympic Games

Usa gymnastics 2016 olympics. USA Gymnastics announces 2016 U.S. Olympic Men's Gymnastics Team

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Meet the Olympics US Gymnastics Team

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Get the best gymnastics news straight to your inbox. Beam is an important event to work hard on in the summer, since it is an event where you can always upgrade something in the routine, whether it is the series, dismount, dance, or mount. Gymnastics has many moments of celebration and success, but it also has times where viewers watch in open-mouthed silence after a tragic turn of events. Whether it is because of an injury, unexpected fall, or something else entirely, here are 11 heartbreaking moments from recent gymnastics history. This competition was the first ever Junior Worlds competition and took place in Gyor, Hungary. No matter what happened at this competition, gymnastics history was to be made. As gymnasts get older, they stop running into the gym with just a leotard on and start needing a gym bag to carry everything they will use for that practice.