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Hall pass unrated. Hall Pass (Enlarged Edition)

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Mind you, it's still the same trashy raunch-fest typical of their slapstick flicks, but the story also seems to come from the perspective of people who have been in a long-term, committed relationships. There's something weirdly grown up in the way the brothers essentially explore the politics of matrimony and monogamy, even when there's not a single moment where anyone discusses the matter in a truly profound fashion. A pair of bumbling simpletons Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis can't keep from ogling women, and have it in their brain that they were once "chick-magnet" studs — back when they were in JV basketball during their senior year. After an amusingly embarrassing housewarming, their respective and incredibly understanding wives Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate offer them a week off from their respective marriages, thanks to Joy Behar who acts as if she's reading from a teleprompter. As would be expected, outrageous hilarity ensues once the women leave town. Some of the jokes feel a bit forced — they're simply meant to gross out viewers rather than garner a laugh.